Size Matters! Let’s face it, most fashion these days cater to smaller sized women and men.  Most of the more popular fashion websites such as Revolve, H&M, and yes Shopbop do not have a variety of fashion for the more voluptuous individuals.  It can be heart wrenching sometimes.  Trying on clothes as a voluptuous woman has led me out of the dressing room in tears before, due to the fit and nonavailability of sizes above “10”.  So this is where I get down and dirty… I am 46 yrs. old, 172 lbs., 5’4″, and am shaped like an adorable apple!  I wear an XL in most clothing or Sz. 14 in pants and dresses, 16 in outer wear, 6 1/2 in shoes, Chest 36 DDD with broader shoulders than I would prefer but I have to have girth to hold those babies up in front!  I have even researched Smart Lipo (more on that in a later post) to trim my figure down, but I would really like to trim naturally as much as possible at a slower pace before going forward with any other alternatives.  Now knowing all those things about me, you can probably see how finding adorable fashion that does not look like a tent or moo moo, would be challenging.  Which brings me to my solution…


When I visited my mom during Spring Break, I was looking for a Spring dress and my mom mentioned Belk’s.  Growing up she and I always went there for great fashion at affordable prices, and I found this to still be true when I went this past Spring as well.  So, why not look again for Fall?  That’s exactly what I did and let me tell you, I found SO many great deals!  Even the items that I ordered have gone down even more and all sizes are still available on my items with the exception of the Booties.  Do yourself a favor and go to for some unbelievable deals and great fashion for every body shape…even Size Fantabulous like me!

  1. The Chevron Vest was org. $48 (I paid $32.99) Now $21.60, all sizes available. TTS, I wear XL.
  2. FP Tunic was org. $68 (I paid $48) Now $51.00, all sizes available.- Free People runs big, I wear L.
  3. Tassel Necklace was org. $32 (I paid $22.40) Now $16.00. Hangs to below chest.
  4. Booties were org. $90 (I paid $90) Now still $90 and worth it! Sz. 5M avail. Similar here in all sizes.

All the pieces that I ordered fit great, look fantastic, are made of quality material, and gives me a confident lilt in my step!  If you’re shopping online, use the code: 64130990 for $10 off of a purchase of $50. Also, subscribing to Belk’s emails will give you a coupon for $10 off of a $20 purchase.  Take your time and explore their website, you will be wondering where they have been all your life!

I have many more choices saved in my Wish List! I am looking forward to a Special Occasion so I can relish in many more steals and deals!

*I am not paid by anyone to research, try, and review anything on my website. My opinions are my own and I welcome others.

Until next time…Dawn

The Hermitage

This past August I attended a Dental Meeting in Nashville, TN (more on that in another post…it was awesome) and met another Dental Hygienist from TX.  This was her first trip to Nashville, TN and she wanted to do as many “touristy” things as she could while she was here.  So, we talked a little about various activities that she could do and I ended up volunteering to be her tour guide.  We went to The Hermitage which was Andrew Jackson’s Home during some of his later military career as well as after his Presidency.  The Hermitage is located about 20 minutes from Downtown Nashville, TN.  Although I have lived in TN for 16 yrs., not 2 hrs away, I had never visited this historic site.

We also toured Nashville’s Downtown on Broadway.  We had a blast and I don’t know why I  waited so long to get out and see what was right in my own “backyard”.  Thank you, Norma Jean, for being MY Nashville tour guide!

Sand & Sun & Sales!!!!


I wanted to drop a quick post and found a smidgen of time while on vacation.  I just had to share some of these phenomenal views with y’all!  If you have not visited Panama City Beach, Fl., plan this in your future.  Everything you could possibly want is at your fingertips while on vacation, like fantastic restaurants, entertainment, temperate weather and , hello, the ocean! We rented a beach house from Book That Condo that was one block from our private entrance to the beach. No overcrowding and gorgeous views!  Our house had a pool in the back so whether on the beach or back at the house we had unlimited access to the cool, refreshing water.  The Bid-A-Wee Beach House was comfortable and spacious enough for our family of four and two friends with two bedrooms, a set of bunks, a sleeper sofa, and a twin futon.  Panama City Beach has some great deals in the Fall since its past their peak season, the air temp stays in the 80’s during the day/ 60’s in the evening, and yet the water temp is still around 80 degrees.  Win, win right?  This was our first time here during October as normally we have traveled here during the Summer when outside temps have soared to 100 degrees.  I would definitely come again in the Fall and recommend  this for those who love the Sand & Sun vacations without the higher temperatures.

Also I wanted to include my faves for the last day of the SHOPBOP EVENT OF THE SEASON! Shop responsibly…

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Dreamcatchers Hair Extensions

I first posted about Dreamcatchers Hair Extensions when my bff got hers done.  Let me just say that her hair looks more and more amazing every day.  I was sooo excited for her.  Now, I get to share in the experience because next week I will be getting mine!!!! Yay, right?  And what’s even better is that I will have them before we go on vacation! I will be recording some video and pictures of my Extension Day so be sure to check back.

The Dreamcatchers Hair Extension pictures and video were helpful to me when considering which kind of extensions to have placed.  I hope they are helpful to you as well.


Go here to see the original post and video.

Happy styling…until next time,


Homemade Beenie Weenies

Hotdogs & Beans Homestyle Recipe

My sons favorite meal would have to be Hotdogs & Beans or homemade Beenie weenies (I grew up eating these, 1970’s).  I know hotdogs aren’t as healthy as most other meats, however, Josh was allergic to eggs, milk, and cheese growing up so we had to get creative with kid friendly meals.  Mac & Cheese was never on the menu for us then.  He loved hotdogs though, so we had them in different ways.  Homemade Hotdogs & Beans fell into the mix.

I use two bags of hotdogs, cut diagonally(Pediatrician said this would prevent likelihood of choking hazzard), and browned in a large frying pan to scorch slightly.








Then we add a large can of Pork-n-beans minus the chunks of pork, and bring to a boil.
















Wala!!!! Homemade Hotdogs & Beans.  Super easy and affordable.  We have this at least twice a month.  It is bubbly comfort food to be sure!  And at sixteen, it is something Josh can cook for himself or us all for dinner.  He already drives and does his own laundry!  We’re working on cooking now so he’ll be prepared for college life 😣 I constantly tell my boys age 27 & 16 that I would love to find enough land so we could all build houses there and I could visit by way of golf cart or Gator (mechanical one).  For some reason they’re not going for my idea though…puzzling (but not really).

We had this on Monday.  It took less than 30 min to prepare and we were seated with a piping hot meal that will not have much in the way of leftovers.




Blog Update


Normaly I’m the type of person who likes schedules.  I like rules and black and white with no grey in my work life, mostly.  Cupcakes are always allowed!  But I’ve been treating Roots Before Branches Blog like a job.  I started my blog one month ago as a creative outlet for myself.  Lately, I have become a stats watcher and this creative outlet has become another job.  I love sharing my life experiences with any who want to see, but this weekend I made a decision to not be ruled by schedules on my time away from work as a Dental Hygienist.  At work our days are held to such rigorous scheduling that I can’t pass that structure along to my play time.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my job as a Dental Hygienist, and love the people I work with.  I believe that even when I no longer see patients (hopefully not til I’m at least 80!) that I will still be an educator in Dental Care.  However, as Dental Professionals we are held to a high level of care and devotion to our patients.  And as such we try to live our daily work days on schedule…most times effected by emergencies, patients themselves, or taking the much needed time to educate so that our patients have clear understanding of what is going on for their particular needs and conditions.  All of this takes precious time and we jump through hoops to remain on schedule for our next patient to receive that same high level of care and attention.  This can be exhaustive in effort and deed on a daily basis, but love it all the same!  I work two days per week and though it may not sound like a lot of time out of my schedule, I am a full time mother, wife, and animal tamer (4 dogs, 1 cat and a Sugar Glider) and have a two story house in need of my immediate attention to detail.  My point is this, I have been so worried about who’s following me on Twitter, Instagram, my blog, Bloglovin, and Facebook and getting content out there on a 3 post schedule that the rest of my world has been neglected.  And, I feel as though what started out as fun, has become one more chore to my list.  So, I’m taking a step back.  I am going to post once a week by Saturday of each week.  It will be on Dental concerns, what’s happening in my life now, and a mixture of trips, fashion finds (bargins), etc.  This is what I wanted this blog to be about.  If no one follows, I’m not going to worry because in the end this is about me.  I thank everyone in advance for following or keeping up with what’s happening, and as always, I welcome comments unless they are mean or cruel.  I think life is full of enough crap already.

By the way, I’m standing with both of my boys in my featured image.  They grow up soooo quickly.   This was taken in 2014, at Panama City Beach our last night there (hubby had already left for home for a fishing tournament).  Hopefully, we’ll get to return to PCB soon!  Had a blast!

Until next time, y’all have a day full of Blessings!!!!


The Office-To-Be

Woo Hoo, I get a new Blog Office!

But man, is it gonna take work!!!!!!  Right now I use my iPad, Home PC, Smartphone, and son’s MacBook Air to blog.  Which should be great right?  And I feel like such an ingrate for all the blessings I’ve been given to want more, but I want a dedicated place to blog.  Blogging for me happens in bed, on the couch or at our hap-hazard desk in the living room.  It gets hard to concentrate with life going on all around me including, but not limited to, tv and barking dogs.  I also need an organized place to keep my research, schedules, books, home accounts information, etc.  So, I need this space to be a dual office for home and business as well as photography studio!  Sounds like a lot right?  You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

This is my current work space…


Current Blog Office


I know…and yes, that is a deer head on the wall behind…trust me, the deer was an act of love for my hubby that it holds a place in view of all who enter our home.  Can you tactfully hang a Burberry Scarf around a deer head?  Well, that will have to be another post for another day.  We have more to take in right now, like the room we have to get into glorious Blogging shape!  The room is a small bedroom my son used before he claimed the finished basement as his new digs (this too is another post for a later time).  So without further adieu…

This is the room I have to turn into the perfect Blogging Home Office…




As you can see this room ceased being a bedroom many eons ago and instead became our catch anything and everything we don’t want to deal with right now room.  Believe it or not, beneath the piles on the right there is a couch!  There is also a paper shredder and my Wedding Dress from 1997!

So you see how much work I have to do?  But the house Motto is “Thou Shalt Not Whine”, which is not in the Bible but The Lord would agree I firmly believe.  So to work I go clearing out this mess for the next two-three days!  I sincerely hope the donate & sell piles are bigger than the keep!

Stop back by on Monday to see the Design Plan & Inspiration Board for The New Home Office.

Until then…may y’all’s days be filled with organized, uncluttered rooms! 😌






The Happy Planner

Time is running out on the drawing for The Happy Planner


THE HAPPY PLANNER (Press here to see Planners)

Hurry and comment on this post or contact me on the Roots Before Branches Get In Touch page.  Just tell me about the small pleasures in life that make a difference to you. Deadline 4/30/16.  Winner announced in a special post on 5/1/16.

Coming up:

  • Before the Office-To-Be
  • Design Plan & Inspiration Board

Until then try these Blogs as well…


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