Hourglass Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara

This Mascara is so lux and creamy.  It coats each lash and brings not only length but also feels like it conditions my lashes.  I have always had issues with “Raccoon eyes” because I have full cheeks and like to laugh and smile.  This mascara does not end up under my eyes and smeared, which I love.  I bought mine at Sephora but it can also be found at Nordstrom.  Both stores have the mascara priced at $28.



Voluminous Superstar Mascara in Black/Noir

L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara has been my go to for years.  Its not only affordable, it didn’t smear under my eyes.  So when I saw the Superstar in the same brand I wanted to try it out.  It’s available at Target & Walmart and runs around $10 at both.  I am sorry to say I was not impressed.  It has two separate coats (primer & mascara) that goes on.  It does create length but the appearance is “scraggly” looking and it feels stiff and dry on my eyes.  Even though this is a drugstore brand I still had come to expect more from L’Oreal’s product because of my past experience with the brand.  In a pinch I will still use their regular Voluminous, however, I have found that Hourglass is my go to and well worth the price for what it delivers.

Until next time, xoxoxox Dawn

Dreamcatchers Hair Extensions

I first posted about Dreamcatchers Hair Extensions when my bff got hers done.  Let me just say that her hair looks more and more amazing every day.  I was sooo excited for her.  Now, I get to share in the experience because next week I will be getting mine!!!! Yay, right?  And what’s even better is that I will have them before we go on vacation! I will be recording some video and pictures of my Extension Day so be sure to check back.

The Dreamcatchers Hair Extension pictures and video were helpful to me when considering which kind of extensions to have placed.  I hope they are helpful to you as well.


Go here to see the original post and video.

Happy styling…until next time,


L’Oreal Root Cover Up

My Gray Skies Turned Dark Brown



I wanted to post a quick word on a product I used recently.  L’Oreal Root Cover Up is a spray on temporary colorant for root growth & gray.  It comes in several shades and stays where you spray it.  The texture is like a texturizing spray in your hair and it washes out with shampoo.  I haven’t done the swim test with this product yet, but I’m sure I’ll get the chance this summer.  I was very skeptical when I bought this product, however, L’Oreal really stood up to the test.  I wash my hair every 3-4 days and the root cover held up until I washed my hair.  I chose the color Dark Brown and I believe it blended rather well.  L’Oreal Root Cover Up is going to be my saving grace in between color appointments when I need it.  I used it on my recent visit to South Carolina, so it held up in humidity as well.  It was 80 degrees last week.  I used the L’Oreal Root Cover Up at my temples and the part!  I think it blends in really well.  What do you think? 2016-03-27 17.47.06



I thought it did pretty well!  Don’t you?  Y’all let me know the products that y’all use to cover the things that you try to hide…we all have them and they make us all unique!  Sometimes I apply eyeliner to a mole just above my lip to make a beauty mark…seriously 😌

Hope y’all liked this brief product review.

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I will also start featuring some of the blogs I follow…these folks are seriously talented, so follow along!

Disclaimer: This is not a compensated post.  I pay for and use these products myself.  All opinions are mine.

Aveda For Summer


Skin and Hair Care in any month for me involves Aveda but especially summer.  I have used Aveda products for about 15 years and I continue to be impressed by this company.  I currently use several of their products on a regular basis, one mentioned in this post.

These are my Go To’s for the summer:



Let me know what your Summer Favorites are in the comments section on this post.  I love to use products that are tried and true!  Until next time in the sun…




Ulta Product Review



Hello everyone!!!!

Today I’m doing a product review on recent purchases from Ulta.   Some products worked for me and some did not, so I’ll go over those as well and the reasons why.

So, first up is “The best of the best of the best, sir!”(quote from Men In Black– the kids and I constantly quote movie lines in daily life)

1. Ulta Heated Eyelash Curler $15- This eyelash curler is the bomb!  The directions tell you to use it    after you have applied your mascara and this detail makes a huge difference.  As the curler heats the mascara it smooths over your lashes while curling and lengthening even more.  It actually opens up my normally sagging (age happens-face it) eyes!  It comes with a heat resistant cap so you can turn it off, cap it, and throw it in your bag and go.  It is battery operated and comes with the battery.  I was so excited to share this product that I had my friend Tee try it too!  She was so impressed we had to stop by Ulta and grab her one.  This will continue to be a “can’t live without” staple in my makeup bag.

2. Loreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Waterproof Mascara $8.99- I have used Loreal Voluminous Mascara for over 20 years.  I also have their Power Volume 24H Waterproof Mascara in my arsenal and could not possibly say enough about this wonderful company! Loreal has always been at the forefront for affordable beauty products and has never disappointed me.  My mother-in-law uses the Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara and seeing her lashes made me want to give it a try.  Again, L’Oreal did not disappoint!  Short of using Latisse, this mascara really thickens and lengthens very well.  It’s also a build-able product which lets you add as much drama or go for that natural look and still be able to see eyelashes.  Worth a try in my book!

3. Ecotools Eye Perfecting Brush $7.99- I kept seeing this brush turn up on Beauty blogs and decided to try it out for myself.  It’s regarded as one of the best blenders for concealer to get in those hard to blend areas.  Let me just say that it works great!  This brush is another staple that I will have with me from now on.  I also use it around my nose creases to conceal the redness and on blemishes.  Eco tools makes a smaller version of this brush called their “Concealer” brush but I like the versatility of this size and find it perfect for all my concealing needs.

4. Butter London Nail Lacquer in Come To Bed Red $15- I first saw this shade of red on Gal Meets Glam Blog on Bloglovin and fell in love with the shade.  The blog touted that this was the perfect shade of red; not too pink or orange.  Soooo true!!!!!  I love this red!  I have a pink complexion and it still works!  I have finally found my perfect red! I encourage y’all to check out Gal Meets Glam here on Bloglovin to see the shade for yourself.

5. Butter London Plush Rush Lipstick in Impulsive $22- I had wanted to purchase my new favorite red in Come To Bed Red but my local Ulta was out of that shade in the Plush Rush Lipstick so I tried a similar shade.  Impulsive has a bit more of a coral hue to it but is beautiful and compliments my Come To Bed Red nail polish.  This brand of lipstick is my new favorite for several reasons: It stays put, goes on like butter (haha, what a pun), and has a magnetic closure for the top of your lipstick tube.  More than any of those is the saturation of pigment.  The colors are vibrant and luxurious.  You’ll want to find these colors in Benjamin Moore Paint and redecorate your house, their so lovely!  Give the Butter London Plush Rush Lipsticks a try, you won’t be sorry.  They come in a multitude of shades and hues and are truly worth it.

One’s that did not work for me:

1. Ulta Travel Lash Curler $12- This lash curler is very compact and designed well.  For some this curler may work wonderfully.  For me it was disappointing in that I didn’t get good results with it curling my lashes.  I also asked my friend to try it and it actually pulled some of her lashes out!  Therefore, I categorize this curler a dud.

2. Bare Minerals Moxie Lipstick in Chase Your Dreams $18- This Lipstick feels very moisturizing on and makes my lips feel slightly tingly.  I believe it would work well for me in another shade.  Chase Your Dreams is a Shimmery Pinkish Mauve and Tee loved it so I gave it to her.

That wraps up my Ulta Product Review.  Hope this helps your beauty bag!  Send me an email on my contact page for posts that y’all would like to see!  Give me helpful feedback on how I can make this experience better for you also because it’s therapy for me either way ?

Until next time…

Dream A Little Dream with Dreamcatchers Hair Extentions

Hello everyone!!!

Today I wanted to talk about Hair Extentions ?. I have been wanting to grow my hair for a while now.  I have taken Biotin supplements, used “natural” home remedies for growing your hair, special shampoos and conditioners, and all in all it seemed as though my hair growth had gone on hiatus.  Years ago when I was trying to grow out a pixie haircut I even got Hair Extentions.  Now, I should mention that this was 13 years ago and at that time Hair Extentions were not as common on Caucasian hair as they are now.  So, after researching the matter, I called around and found an African American hair salon that had just been trained at an Atlanta Hair Show on how to place Hair Extentions in Caucasian hair.  Let me also say that I was in a small town in Arkansas.  I met with the proprietor and we made a plan.  At that time the technique used was to take strands of your hair and strands of hair purchased and place a glue bead near the scalp onto both and rub them together to form a knot.  The appointment took 6 hours and afterwards I sashayed out the door sporting my new shoulder length doo.  The girls at the salon had been fantastic and so funny and I really appreciated the hard work they put into placing my Extentions because it’s an arduous process standing for that long.  I lasted for two weeks in my Extentions.  I couldn’t sleep on them and my head was so sore!  I went back to get them removed which I had been told would be a fairly easy process with a solvent applied to the glue and the Extentions would slide right out.  It didn’t quite happen that way.  The solvent wasn’t working and so they tried to heat the glue balls up but they finally had to be cut out.  So instead of my hair being even the length I started out with, which was a short bob, it was back to a pixie cut ?

Last Friday I went to the hair salon my friend Tee goes to because it was Extention Day for her ?. I was so excited that she would be getting Dreamcatchers Extentions for her hair.  Tees’ hair was already long but she wanted more volume.  Her hairdresser told her the process would take about an hour and a half and that they would lay flat to her head and be un-noticeable to others.  I watched the process with awe and glee because it was such a smooth and non-traumatic experience for her!!!! Yay!!!!  I had researched Dreamcatchers Extententions compared to “Clip-In” and “Tape-In”, and of the three they were definitely the more luxurious and natural.
I am posting pictures of Tee’s Extentions and how they look blended in with her natural hair.  I’m also posting a YouTube video on how Dreamcatcher Extentions are placed so that y’all can get a better understanding how awesome they are if you’re interested in them too.  The YouTube video is not my video and is simply used to demonstrate the application of the Extentions.

2016-03-05 00.23.13
Side View Extentions
2016-03-05 00.19.20
Back View Extentions
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Let’s talk about Skin Care!

20150905_150653 (2)Bellissima…My Beauty Product Review

Hello everyone, I hope y’all had a fantabulous week!!!! Today I wanted to discuss products ?  I am quite a product junkie!  If I get a recommendation about products (beauty, electronics, cleansing, etc.), I research to see what others have to say about said “miracle worker”.  Today I wanted to discuss skin care with y’all.  I have sensitive, combination skin, so I like to make sure any skin care that I use keeps my skin well balanced.  This is harder to find than you would think.  I have used skin care from all price points and I have a list of my favorites.  By the way, I am not under any affiliate agreement with any companies or individuals and my opinions are my own, nurtured from experience.  I will not bash other products because they may work for others, I can only relate what has done well for me and the way it made me feel ?
Here we go…

1. Bio-Oil
I can use this as a cleanser and a moisturizer.  It’s great for my hard to remove eye makeup too!  It makes scars and stretch marks disappear ?…just sayin.  I keep a bottle around no matter what ever else I’m using.  It’s available here and here.  This one is a very reasonable price point at around $9-$23 for the 2,4 and 6oz sizes.
2. Aveda Tourmaline Charged Exfoliating Cleanser
Even though my skin is sensitive, this cleanser is gentle enough that I can use it daily.  The smell is divine to me and reminds me of Earth and Rainforests!  It also has an exfoliant in it so it removes not only the make-up and dirt but also the dead skin on the very top surface.  It does not dry the skin out and is very moisturizing.  It’s available here and here.  This one is a medium price point at around $20.
3. EveLom Balm Cleanser
OMGOSH!!!!  There are no words to adequately describe what this cleanser does, except enable your skin to feel baby soft again!  I am 46 yrs young, and when a cleanser cleans, exfoliates, tones, reduces fine lines and moisturizes all in one product, ❤️❤️ I say “Gimme, gimme, gimme!”
The smell is so fresh and yummy, and this product like all the others I have mentioned here, is non-greasy.  EveLom comes in three sizes of 1, 3, and 6 oz. and begins at $50 and up.  I consider this one at the top price point for me but well worth it. Its available here and here.  If I brown bag lunch during the week for 20 days I can get the 3.3 oz and have it for a while ? cha ching $$$, #savingmoneyandlookingyounger.

Repair Serum
1. Bio-Oil
Seriously, this stuff can do it all! Need I say more.  Found here and here.
2. Kiel’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate
This serum is used after cleansing. It only takes two to three drops to restore, revive and replenish all the goodness your skin needs to start the next day!  This serum leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and it smells of a delicious light herbal scent. It comes in 1, 1.7, and 3.4 oz. and ranges from $46- $122.  You can find it here, here, and here.
3. Skinceuticals Retexturing Activator
This serum works to exfoliate and replenish to smooth the texture of your skin.  I believe it works better in concert with a moisturizer by the same company because they seem to play off of one another.  It’s on the higher end of my price point at $77 for 1oz.  When I use this and the moisturizer my skin feels the softest that it’s ever been…even when I was younger ? It lasts for a while as long as you don’t tip it over like I’ve done in the past ?  Available here and here.
4. Lancôme Genifique Youth Activating Serum
Ok, let’s sit down for this one!  When I have used this serum I have gotten the most complements on my skin.  So many people would tell me how youthful I looked and most guessed ten to fifteen years younger than what I was!  So, you ask, why don’t I have it in my Arsenal right this minute?  That’s a good doggon question!  When I thought of doing this review of skin care products, Genifique was always the top serum in my head.  I guess, until I put it down here for y’all, it just didn’t resonate that HELLO!!!….why did I not get more when I ran out?  I will tell you why.  I think I always thought that I could find another that was similar at a better price point.  It IS at the top of my price point at $78 for 1 oz, $105 for 1.69 oz and $175 for 3.75 oz.  However, in the past year I have even considered elective procedures and they cost even more, so maybe I can break down for that youthful appearance again ? Genifique can be found here, here (free gift with purchase if you buy the 1.7oz or above) here, and here.

1. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
This moisturizer is a real go getter for its price point.  It ranges $15-$38 and comes in 1,4,and 6oz sizes.  It’s light in feel and fragrance and is perfect for day and has another version for night or you could us this for both. It keeps me dewy all day!  It also has an spf protection for the day, eliminating that extra step ?  It’s available here (free gift with $27 Clinique purchase), here (I usually find sooo many sales @ Macy’s), and here.
2. Kiel’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream
To me this gem is a fantastic choice for smooth skin at a medium price point!  I can use this following a serum or alone and it does a great job.  Comes in a 1.7 & 2.5oz. and ranges $62-$82. I wear this at night. It’s available here and here.
3. Skinceuticals A.G.E. Interrupter
Ok…here it is…my favorite moisturizer is an age interrupter!  Yes you read that right ?.  This glorious cream is an anti-aging corrective moisturizer.  First, let me say that this goes on like whipped silk!  If that wasn’t enough to make me keep a lifetime supply, it also makes my skin feel like silk!!!! ???? Can be found here and here.
I also use the A.G.E. Eye Complex that diminishes crows feet, swollen eyes, and dark pigmentation…WHAT?  Did I tell you these products were super special or what? The Eye Complex can be found here and here.

I am currently using the Bio-Oil, I finished the last of my Aveda Tourmaline Charged Exfoliating Cleanser tonight, Kiel’s Midnight Recovery Serum, then Kiel’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream.  My skin does really well with these, and they are all wonderful products.

When I can, I would love to combine my dream team of EveLom Balm Cleanser followed by Lancôme Genifique Youth Activating Serum, Skinceuticals A.G.E. Interrupter and Skinceuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex (for night), Clinique Dramtically Different Moisturizer w/spf (for day) and see how my skin feels and looks.  I’ll keep y’all updated ?.

As a side note, most of the sites I have linked to I have personally purchased from, however, when purchasing from Amazon and sites that have multiple listings with different merchants please check their credentials.  I do not ever knowingly link to a merchant or site that cannot be trusted.  Happy facials!!!!
Until next time…