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Today I wanted to talk about Hair Extentions ?. I have been wanting to grow my hair for a while now.  I have taken Biotin supplements, used “natural” home remedies for growing your hair, special shampoos and conditioners, and all in all it seemed as though my hair growth had gone on hiatus.  Years ago when I was trying to grow out a pixie haircut I even got Hair Extentions.  Now, I should mention that this was 13 years ago and at that time Hair Extentions were not as common on Caucasian hair as they are now.  So, after researching the matter, I called around and found an African American hair salon that had just been trained at an Atlanta Hair Show on how to place Hair Extentions in Caucasian hair.  Let me also say that I was in a small town in Arkansas.  I met with the proprietor and we made a plan.  At that time the technique used was to take strands of your hair and strands of hair purchased and place a glue bead near the scalp onto both and rub them together to form a knot.  The appointment took 6 hours and afterwards I sashayed out the door sporting my new shoulder length doo.  The girls at the salon had been fantastic and so funny and I really appreciated the hard work they put into placing my Extentions because it’s an arduous process standing for that long.  I lasted for two weeks in my Extentions.  I couldn’t sleep on them and my head was so sore!  I went back to get them removed which I had been told would be a fairly easy process with a solvent applied to the glue and the Extentions would slide right out.  It didn’t quite happen that way.  The solvent wasn’t working and so they tried to heat the glue balls up but they finally had to be cut out.  So instead of my hair being even the length I started out with, which was a short bob, it was back to a pixie cut ?

Last Friday I went to the hair salon my friend Tee goes to because it was Extention Day for her ?. I was so excited that she would be getting Dreamcatchers Extentions for her hair.  Tees’ hair was already long but she wanted more volume.  Her hairdresser told her the process would take about an hour and a half and that they would lay flat to her head and be un-noticeable to others.  I watched the process with awe and glee because it was such a smooth and non-traumatic experience for her!!!! Yay!!!!  I had researched Dreamcatchers Extententions compared to “Clip-In” and “Tape-In”, and of the three they were definitely the more luxurious and natural.
I am posting pictures of Tee’s Extentions and how they look blended in with her natural hair.  I’m also posting a YouTube video on how Dreamcatcher Extentions are placed so that y’all can get a better understanding how awesome they are if you’re interested in them too.  The YouTube video is not my video and is simply used to demonstrate the application of the Extentions.

2016-03-05 00.23.13
Side View Extentions
2016-03-05 00.19.20
Back View Extentions

2016-03-05 00.24.55
Side View
2016-03-05 00.21.51
Back View

The Dreamcatchers Hair Extentions retail at approximately $1400.00 in Salons.  Make sure that the Hair Proffessional has been certified to place Dreamcatchers Hair Extentions.  I know that may seem like a lot of money!  I do not take the cost for anything lightly!  This is my rationale…a lot of women get their nails and hair done on a regular basis, and when you add this up along with any beauty products, clothes and the cacophony of additions we purchase to make ourselves feel wonderful, the investment of these phenomenon Extentions becomes $1.92/day if they last 2 years and $1.28/day if they last 3 years.  That becomes a no-brainer for me and chalks it up to “Best Investment Ever!!!!!

~Coming Soon~ Eyelash Extentions!!!!!

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