Hourglass Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara

This Mascara is so lux and creamy.  It coats each lash and brings not only length but also feels like it conditions my lashes.  I have always had issues with “Raccoon eyes” because I have full cheeks and like to laugh and smile.  This mascara does not end up under my eyes and smeared, which I love.  I bought mine at Sephora but it can also be found at Nordstrom.  Both stores have the mascara priced at $28.



Voluminous Superstar Mascara in Black/Noir

L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara has been my go to for years.  Its not only affordable, it didn’t smear under my eyes.  So when I saw the Superstar in the same brand I wanted to try it out.  It’s available at Target & Walmart and runs around $10 at both.  I am sorry to say I was not impressed.  It has two separate coats (primer & mascara) that goes on.  It does create length but the appearance is “scraggly” looking and it feels stiff and dry on my eyes.  Even though this is a drugstore brand I still had come to expect more from L’Oreal’s product because of my past experience with the brand.  In a pinch I will still use their regular Voluminous, however, I have found that Hourglass is my go to and well worth the price for what it delivers.

Until next time, xoxoxox Dawn

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