Homemade Beenie Weenies

Hotdogs & Beans Homestyle Recipe

My sons favorite meal would have to be Hotdogs & Beans or homemade Beenie weenies (I grew up eating these, 1970’s).  I know hotdogs aren’t as healthy as most other meats, however, Josh was allergic to eggs, milk, and cheese growing up so we had to get creative with kid friendly meals.  Mac & Cheese was never on the menu for us then.  He loved hotdogs though, so we had them in different ways.  Homemade Hotdogs & Beans fell into the mix.

I use two bags of hotdogs, cut diagonally(Pediatrician said this would prevent likelihood of choking hazzard), and browned in a large frying pan to scorch slightly.








Then we add a large can of Pork-n-beans minus the chunks of pork, and bring to a boil.
















Wala!!!! Homemade Hotdogs & Beans.  Super easy and affordable.  We have this at least twice a month.  It is bubbly comfort food to be sure!  And at sixteen, it is something Josh can cook for himself or us all for dinner.  He already drives and does his own laundry!  We’re working on cooking now so he’ll be prepared for college life 😣 I constantly tell my boys age 27 & 16 that I would love to find enough land so we could all build houses there and I could visit by way of golf cart or Gator (mechanical one).  For some reason they’re not going for my idea though…puzzling (but not really).

We had this on Monday.  It took less than 30 min to prepare and we were seated with a piping hot meal that will not have much in the way of leftovers.




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