L’Oreal Root Cover Up

My Gray Skies Turned Dark Brown



I wanted to post a quick word on a product I used recently.  L’Oreal Root Cover Up is a spray on temporary colorant for root growth & gray.  It comes in several shades and stays where you spray it.  The texture is like a texturizing spray in your hair and it washes out with shampoo.  I haven’t done the swim test with this product yet, but I’m sure I’ll get the chance this summer.  I was very skeptical when I bought this product, however, L’Oreal really stood up to the test.  I wash my hair every 3-4 days and the root cover held up until I washed my hair.  I chose the color Dark Brown and I believe it blended rather well.  L’Oreal Root Cover Up is going to be my saving grace in between color appointments when I need it.  I used it on my recent visit to South Carolina, so it held up in humidity as well.  It was 80 degrees last week.  I used the L’Oreal Root Cover Up at my temples and the part!  I think it blends in really well.  What do you think? 2016-03-27 17.47.06



I thought it did pretty well!  Don’t you?  Y’all let me know the products that y’all use to cover the things that you try to hide…we all have them and they make us all unique!  Sometimes I apply eyeliner to a mole just above my lip to make a beauty mark…seriously 😌

Hope y’all liked this brief product review.

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Disclaimer: This is not a compensated post.  I pay for and use these products myself.  All opinions are mine.

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