The Hermitage

This past August I attended a Dental Meeting in Nashville, TN (more on that in another post…it was awesome) and met another Dental Hygienist from TX.  This was her first trip to Nashville, TN and she wanted to do as many “touristy” things as she could while she was here.  So, we talked a little about various activities that she could do and I ended up volunteering to be her tour guide.  We went to The Hermitage which was Andrew Jackson’s Home during some of his later military career as well as after his Presidency.  The Hermitage is located about 20 minutes from Downtown Nashville, TN.  Although I have lived in TN for 16 yrs., not 2 hrs away, I had never visited this historic site.

We also toured Nashville’s Downtown on Broadway.  We had a blast and I don’t know why I  waited so long to get out and see what was right in my own “backyard”.  Thank you, Norma Jean, for being MY Nashville tour guide!

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