The Office-To-Be

Woo Hoo, I get a new Blog Office!

But man, is it gonna take work!!!!!!  Right now I use my iPad, Home PC, Smartphone, and son’s MacBook Air to blog.  Which should be great right?  And I feel like such an ingrate for all the blessings I’ve been given to want more, but I want a dedicated place to blog.  Blogging for me happens in bed, on the couch or at our hap-hazard desk in the living room.  It gets hard to concentrate with life going on all around me including, but not limited to, tv and barking dogs.  I also need an organized place to keep my research, schedules, books, home accounts information, etc.  So, I need this space to be a dual office for home and business as well as photography studio!  Sounds like a lot right?  You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

This is my current work space…


Current Blog Office


I know…and yes, that is a deer head on the wall behind…trust me, the deer was an act of love for my hubby that it holds a place in view of all who enter our home.  Can you tactfully hang a Burberry Scarf around a deer head?  Well, that will have to be another post for another day.  We have more to take in right now, like the room we have to get into glorious Blogging shape!  The room is a small bedroom my son used before he claimed the finished basement as his new digs (this too is another post for a later time).  So without further adieu…

This is the room I have to turn into the perfect Blogging Home Office…




As you can see this room ceased being a bedroom many eons ago and instead became our catch anything and everything we don’t want to deal with right now room.  Believe it or not, beneath the piles on the right there is a couch!  There is also a paper shredder and my Wedding Dress from 1997!

So you see how much work I have to do?  But the house Motto is “Thou Shalt Not Whine”, which is not in the Bible but The Lord would agree I firmly believe.  So to work I go clearing out this mess for the next two-three days!  I sincerely hope the donate & sell piles are bigger than the keep!

Stop back by on Monday to see the Design Plan & Inspiration Board for The New Home Office.

Until then…may y’all’s days be filled with organized, uncluttered rooms! 😌






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